Classes for Families

Penny offers classes for childbearing families planning a hospital birth, an out-of-hospital birth,

and a special class just for the big-sibling-to-be!

Out-of-Hospital Classes

Eight week series specifically designed for families planning to give birth at home or in a free-standing birth center.



  • Only out-of-hospital specific classes in Seattle
  • Nearly half the time is spent on comfort measures
  • Comprehensive, including breastfeeding and newborn care

Hospital Birth Classes

Classes for families planning a birth in a hospital setting, especially those who desire low-intervention, unmedicated births. All registration and payment is handled through Great Starts at Parent Trust.


  • Eight week series on what to expect in a hospital setting
  • Nearly half the time spent on comfort measures
  • Comprehensive labor, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care

Sibling Classes

An online preparation class for children and their parents who are about to greet a new baby into their family. Information on pregnancy, birth, and new babies is presented at a young child’s learning level. On-demand viewing from the comfort of your own home!



  • Meet and learn how to hold a new baby!
  • Watch Penny’s “There’s a Baby” video
  • Learn things to do with the new baby