Doula Handout Packet – now with a new handout!


This packet contains 10 copies of each of the following: Key Questions Card, Pain Medications Preference Scale, Road Map of Labor, and the new Clarity Exercise for Maternity Care Decision-Making!


This packet includes ten copies of Penny’s best selling handouts:

  • Clarity Exercise for Maternity Care Decision Making – a new handout designed to help simplify and clarify early choices in pregnancy that impact choices later in pregnancy.
  • Newly added to the packet! Events of Late Pregnancy – The pregnant body, placenta and baby all work in harmony with each part effects changes in the others. Show your clients how the delicate dance of each part works in concert to start labor when all are ready.
  • Road Map of Labor – Pictorial journey through labor; including unmedicated labor, a “detour” for back pain, and the epidural toll highway. Appropriate activities are illustrated.
  • Pain Medication Preference Scale – offers suggestions for making and supporting choices in labor and birth
  • Safe Positions With an Epidural: a quick reference on labor positions that are safe for mothers who have been given an epidural.
  • Key Questions Cards – Wallet-sized reminders of healthcare questions

Use each with your clients to help them remember the stages of labor, clarify feelings about pain medications, and stay mobile with an epidural!

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