A very special project that Penny has been involved in needs your help. Please read this note from Penny, and give as you are able.

Help us fund this unique Birth Trauma Project! Choreographer Barbara Caioli, Filmmaker Walter Zamojski, and I ask you to pitch in to bring to life a hard-hitting and inspiring film that portrays through dance and music the anguish and resolution of Barbara’s traumatic birth experience. This is a documentary, “Spirito in Tres Partis” that follows Barbara in her journey to resolve her trauma, and shows the final moving dance, performed by 11 gifted dancers.

This film will attract people interested in the arts as well as birth, and help to open the eyes of many to this all too common outcome of childbirth.

We need your help. Any donation, large or small, will make a difference.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter Deadline has Passed.

Spirito In Tre Parti Kickstarter Project